Maximum Processing: The Policy Processing Vanguard

Sean Pitcher, CEO, Maximum ProcessingSean Pitcher, CEO 2016, the year of economic turmoil, began with a rocky start for the insurance providers. Latest reports from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) states that the probable global economy market risk from insurers has left the industry bewildered in terms of the effects it would have on the regulations. With IMF raising questions on the industry’s ability to fulfill its role as a risk transfer me chanism, insurers are today finding themselves in a perfect storm, constr ained by the archaic and inflexible Policy Administration Systems (PAS ). “The desire for carriers to upgrade PAS has been deep-seated du e to its inefficiency in creating new products, high processing an d maintenance costs, and low customer service satisfaction levels,” comments Sean Pitcher, CEO, Maximum Processing. Further, legacy PAS acts as a hindrance for insurers, resulting in lack of clar ity around the business goals, directly affecting the vendor-insurer relation. “With instances of failed or poor implementation of PAS, carriers have increasingly become cautious while selecting a new vendor. It has also created challenges as carriers end up spending time and effort trying to ensure project growth.”

Founded in 2002, Maximum Processing is an able torchbearer that provides web-based policy, billing, claims, and reinsurance administration solutions to manage complexities for large as well as small businesses. “At Maximum Processing, we provide clients the ability to cancel agreements any time before going live. They don’t have to pay a hefty license fee upfront, all to help build a strong and lasting partnership of trust,” states Pitcher. The company allows clients to test applications well before it is ‘finished’ to ensure it is on track with complete transparency in the development phase.

Modular PAS

Based in Bradenton, FL, Maximum Processing utilizes the latest methodologies and security technologies to configure solutions which can be in a hosted environment or an independent one, all while ensuring maximum security to its clients.

In order to serve insurers, specifically in the property and casualty sector, Maximum Processing developed a modular browser-based solution, Stingray System, for policy, billing, claims, and reinsurance administration. As a web-based solution, Stingray nullifies the need for multiple installations and file maintenance on users’ systems. The backend engine is designed to run on the Windows platform, and Stingray can be accessed in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera among others.

We provide transparency to our clients and work hard to provide a relationship where their needs are our first priority

The Stingray platform integrates the 4Sight Business Intelligence Suite capable of harnessing the power of SQL compliant and Big Data databases, providing reports, dashboards and drag-and-drop report creation as well as the capability for what-if and predictive analytics.

The Stingray System eases security concerns like SQL Injection, XSS, XML Injection, and URL manipulation of clients, while bestowing administrative capabilities. Its built-in flexibility supports incorporating third party data from anywhere to ameliorate decision making. The horizontally scalable platform provides the ability for companies of all sizes to utilize the Suite.

From site licenses to lease/purchase, Stingray offers configurations that fit companies of all sizes and delivers a variety of options to help insurers attain a system that will help in their endeavors. “The Stingray System can handle every line of business, whether personal, commercial, or specialty, with proven scalability and unquestionable speed-to market,” says Pitcher.

The system comes with Integrated Imaging System and Consumer Portals as well as secure user login and GhostDraft document management. “The 128-bit encrypted secure user logins allow users to use the system from any internet connection with the added benefits of system administrators monitoring for suspicious activity,” states Pitcher. “We include all of our existing third party interfaces like MVR/DMV/VIN, e2Value, RiskMeter, Credit Card, General Ledger, and Comparative Raters.” The Stingray System provides a full toolset designed to be configured and implemented quickly, while allowing clients full control over their configurations.

Transparency in Business

With several strong partnerships, Maximum Processing offers over 70 different interfaces. “One key element in our partner relationships is that we don’t make profit from our partners, but believe in passing any savings on to our clients. This philosophy offers an opportunity to supplement our implementations instead of using it as a revenue stream,” says Pitcher. “Also, because our license is ‘all-encompassing,’ any interface we develop is available for clients’ use and we do not charge for creating or using it.”

The company works with clients combining agile and waterfall project management methodologies to ensure a solid environment which meets the needs of the clients.

"Our system is designed for small and large carriers and MGAs alike with proven scalability and unquestioned speed-to-market"

“We preserve transparency in resource planning and sectional coverage of the solution,” states Pitcher. This practice has helped Maximum Processing in retaining the trust of existing clients and winning new clients. For instance, Kentucky National Insurance, a personal lines insurance company was facing issues with its PAS. Operating in two states, the client was looking to update their system and technology and selected the Stingray PAS to avoid many of the traps other insurers have dealt with as they expanded. Maximum Processing’s vendor flexibility and system documentation process helped the company achieve the desired result. Moreover, its expertise on the insurance sector helped Kentucky National Insurance to establish an excellent workflow providing daily reports and helps in monitoring and growing their business.

Scalability and Affordability

Positive positioning of deployment cost matrices, like fixed annual maintenance fees and one license price, has served Maximum Processing in gaining an edge over its peers. “Scalability and affordability of the Stingray platform acts as gateways in its simpler deployment for insurance firms irrespective of the size of their operations,” states Pitcher. “Further, we have a dedicated R&D team that focuses on improving the toolset and the product through industry analysis, client feedback, and sales process input.”

“As long as you are a customer, if something doesn’t function the way it was defined, then we will fix it for free,” claims Pitcher. “Because we utilize methodologies that keep the information sent back and forth, small and lightweight, it gives a high degree of performance and allows excellent system response times.”

Maximum Processing’s team thrives to improve its work environment by cultivating a “family culture” and etches a mark by walking the talk. The company plans to keep pace with the technological trends that elevate its solution’s level of responsiveness. “At Maximum Processing, we aim to provide the best service and assist clients to quickly deploy solutions and achieve better performance. Forging ahead, we aim to grow at a steady pace while providing excellent service and helping our clients go live and improve their performance,” concludes Pitcher. Maximum Processing lays out its vision for future, banking on its core principle—“different than the others”—and delivering best-of-the-breed solutions to their clients.

- Urmi Sengupta
    April 15, 2016