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Chris McCaul, Founder and CEO, QLAdmin Solutions, IncChris McCaul, Founder and CEO
Hailing from an actuarial background, Chris McCaul, Founder and CEO of QLAdmin Solutions, pinpoints the most common problem expressed by a potential client is a dependency on manually-driven legacy systems that lack professional support and knowledgeable developers. With limited available resources, companies struggle to launch new products in a timely manner without a versatile solution in place. Consequently, organizations have little choice but to seek solutions for modernizing their existing systems. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, QLAdmin Solutions provides comprehensive policy administration software, helping life, health, and annuity carriers accelerate their time to market while allowing them to increase production with greater flexibility and efficiency.

In service since 1988, the application supports the entire policy lifecycle, from new issue to claim, including agency, commissions, and valuation. An internal document engine allows for the creation and management of all policy documents and correspondence which enables easier digital communication and eliminates the need for printed and filed material. Companies can also import external policy documents, advancing a paperless environment while creating a more complete policy history. Many third-party integrations enable companies to bring complementary functionality to their daily administration, such as credit card payment processing, MIB inquiry, and implementing e-application processing. Moreover, QLAdmin’s real-time, intuitive, and easy-to-learn user interface allows for a fast deployment to get clients up and running quickly.

To help insurance companies further serve their stakeholders, QLAdmin offers web portals for agents and policyholders to access their insurance accounts and view important documents.

Our team continuously enhances and modernizes the solutions we offer by taking feedback from clients...

For insurance agents, client policy information and hierarchy production are available at a glance. “Our team continuously enhances and modernizes the solutions we offer by taking feedback from clients, and this approach helps us to fully understand their mission so we can help them be more competitive,” states McCaul.

At the onset of a new engagement, QLAdmin’s team takes time to learn the client’s business model to gain a deep understanding of all products and operational processes. The company then determines best-fit solutions to give a realistic and personal system offering before proceeding with licensing. Subsequent to data conversion and implementation, the team embarks on a customized training program to ensure clients gain a solid foundation and understanding of the system features, processes, and how their individual job roles will be performed. “Our role and engagement in the conversion and system implementation process is scaled to meet the needs of every client depending on each organization’s size and resources,” says Robert DeSarro, Chief Operating Officer.

What makes QLAdmin special is its highly professional and personable support team. Clients can call directly and speak to someone who knows them by name, or they can access their own client web portal to monitor support case progress and documented solutions. Personal remote assistance is also available for hands-on help and training. “Our solution and peerless support enable providers to manage their own company with greater flexibility and scalability, including the ability to run multiple companies in one environment, or multiple instances of the application on the same server. The solution is extremely beneficial for third-party administrators as well as individual insurance companies,” says McCaul.

QLAdmin also has additional modules for major medical products and Medicare Supplement claims auto-adjudication, which further broadens the solution’s market appeal. With a client base spread across Canada, North America, and the Caribbean, QLAdmin Solutions has won the confidence of its target market.

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QLAdmin Solutions, Inc

Austin, TX

Chris McCaul, Founder and CEO

QLAdmin Solutions is an insurance technology partner firm known for tailored solutions and excellent support. The Austin, Texas-based company comprises of employees with decades of insurance industry experience, including agency, brokerage, and operations, home office administration, systems support, IT and networking, and sales. QLAdmin Solutions has nearly 50 clients spread across North America, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean