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Top 10 Policy Administration Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Over the last several years, the importance of insurance formed a wave of awareness, taking it from a luxury to a necessity. On this front, it is important for insurance carriers and solutions providers to be at the top of their game. In the insurance arena, policy administration holds a place of paramount importance with its hold on tasks from the quotation stage and issuing the policy, all the way to final settlement. With the power to encapsulate the efficiency of the entire insurance service in itself, policy administration forms the backbone for the insurance carriers.

It is a common belief that the insurance industry is laden with data and yet, lags to adopt technology. This is usually owing to the lack of expertise and data structure in the organizations. With that, the use of conventional methods is leading to more operational cost than most technology-driven companies are spending, with doors left open for human-influenced errors. Before bringing in a solution provider to integrate technology into a legacy system, it is important for organizations to understand which solution to use, data structuring and the outcomes to expect. The involvement of these service providers and consultants can prepare the insurance carrier to embrace change.

As the growth of technology consumes the business world, it is imperative to find the right service providers and consultants to establish a long-term association, and embark on a digital journey. To help insurance organizations maneuver through a fast growing landscape of solution providers, a panel consisting of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and Insurance CIO Outlook’s editorial board have shortlisted the top policy administration service providers and consultants who are at the forefront of meeting the urgent needs of the industry. The listing offers a look at how the services are put to use, thereby enabling you to gain an in-depth insight as to how they will optimize businesses.

We present to you Insurance CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Policy Administration Service Providers - 2019.”

    Top Policy Administration Consulting/Services Companies

  • Enables customers to innovate fast and deliver modern experiences to improve the lives of millions of policyholders worldwide

  • Provides innovative and proven software solutions and related services designed specifically for the life, annuity, and health insurance industry

  • Offers end-to-end solutions to the global general insurance, property and casualty, life, pension and annuities, reinsurance and retirement markets

  • EXL Service

    EXL Service

    The firm’s consulting practice enables its clients to increase profitability, accelerate revenue growth, and future-proof business models

  • InsPro Technologies

    InsPro Technologies

    Offers a dynamic policy administration software solution that helps its clients to deliver exceptional customer service

  • Insuresoft


    Specializes in Insurance Software Suite, Policy Administration Software, Billing Administration Software, Claims Administration Software, and Insurance Software for Carriers

  • Majesco


    Offers consulting and insurance specific IT services for testing, data conversion, data-warehousing/BI, mobility, enterprise integration and BPM

  • Maple Technologies

    Maple Technologies

    Provides modern, cloud-based, core administration technology for property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies

  • Proformex


    Enables agents to analyze and monitor their InForce book of business in a consolidated location regardless of when and where the policy was written

  • United Systems and Software

    United Systems and Software

    Offering professional services to cater to the need of insurance industry